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Hey Cleveland!


I am Mark Kubicina, owner of RedDog Real Estate Photography.  

I am so excited to be offering the great Cleveland area beautiful real estate and architectural photography.  I have been passionate about photography since high school. My photography career took off when my wife Katrina brought me along to photograph weddings with her as Love Is All You Need Photography. 


I have been shooting weddings for the past 5 years and absolutely love it! I have a lot of fun working with my wife creating amazing images for our couples. However real estate photography is what I am most passionate about.  I love the angles, the lines and the architecture.  


I have a background in building homes so that could contribute to my love for real estate photography!  

I really enjoy working with realtors and their clients! My goal is to get them the most beautiful images possible to help them sell their homes quickly!


 Give me a call anytime to schedule your next home shoot!


IMG_9303 2.JPG

Say hi to our dog Lennon!

He makes a great mascot.

Aside from my love of photography I am very passionate about health and fitness, I love a good cup of black coffee, muscle cars, and hanging out with my beautiful family.

Here is the fam!

My wife Katrina, Lead photog of Love Is All You Need

My son Maverick who everyone says is my mini me

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